The Unmasked Singer: Canucks Fire Anthem Performer For Protesting COVID Restrictions [Opinion]

The Vancouver Canucks have been skating in the NHL since 1970, yet they have zero Stanley Cup championships. But, who needs winning when you can be woke! This week, the team canned their longtime anthem singer, using the Chinese coronavirus as their excuse.
Mark Donnelly was shown the door after it was discovered that he was scheduled to participate in a rally protesting COVID-19 restrictions in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Donnelly was tapped to sing the Canadian national anthem at the B.C. Christmas Freedom Rally.

Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini posted a statement saying Donnelly should now be referred as “former Canucks anthem singer”. Aquilini also encouraged fans to wear a mask in the same post.

Right now, British Columbia would make Andrew Cuomo and Phil Murphy smile. A stay-at-home order and a mask mandate has been put in place there, plus residents have been ordered to avoid social gatherings of all kinds and sizes.

The rally that Donnelly expected to perform at challenges these types of overreaching orders.

What any of this has to do with your loyal, talented anthem singer of two decades is unclear. All a Canucks spokesperson (or wokesperson) is saying is “You are safe to say his days are over.” Just like that. Twenty years of service evaporated quicker than the Canucks playoff hopes.

If only Vancouver’s penalty killing was as lethal as its anthem singer killing, maybe they’d finally get that elusive first Cup. Instead, the franchise is putting petty politics ahead of winning. You don’t get more woke than that.


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