Candace Owens Shreds Government Lockdowns: ‘In Order To Keep You Safe, We Need To Impoverish You, Imprison You’

As the 2020 year is wrapping up, conservative commentator Candace Owens wants everyone to reflect one last time on the dramatic year laden with coronavirus-related restrictions, lockdowns, and mandates.

In a pair of tweets, Owens said the continued lockdowns were “pretty incredible to consider” in that the very same government that is supposed to be of, by, and for the people are continuing to force people to remain in their own homes and are encouraging they skip out on the impending holiday season.

According to Owens, too many people are far too quick to blindly trust the government.

“It’s pretty incredible to consider that right now governments are like ‘in order to keep you safe, we need to impoverish you, imprison you, force mask and vaccinate you, plus separate you from your family’ and there are millions of people out there that are just like ‘okay!’”

And, let’s not forget their dominance of social media.

“Oh! And we also need to control the flow of all information you receive. For ‘safety,'” she tweeted.

The conservative, who rose to prominence with the Blexit movement — encouraging Black Democrats to leave the party and reconsider their political ideologies, followed up her tweets with an Instagram post.

There, she echoed her sentiments.

“We also need to censor and control the flow of all information you receive— for your safety,” she said in the post, adding: “There’s a little piece of me that wonders how far the government could take it with the type of people that just get in line with this sort of crap, and never pause to think critically.”

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“What, if anything, would make them pause and think ‘hey, maybe this isn’t actually about a virus that has an over 99.7% survival rate globally?’” she asked.

“I feel like the government could take their children, houses, husbands and wives and these idiots would still be like ‘we’re all in this together,'” Owens continued. “Absolute zombies.”