VIRAL ALERT: Restaurant Owner Takes A Stand Against Health Inspector Who Tried Shutting His Business Down

A California business owner has reached his limit on coronavirus-related lockdown restrictions and made a “desperate” attempt to get his point across.

In a viral video, Carlos Roman, co-owner of Bread and Barley’s in Covina, California, used his truck to blockade the car of a public health inspector who showed up to cite him and force him to close his restaurant.

Roman was issued a “Notice Of Closure” for the restaurant as he was allegedly defying COVID-related restrictions by allowing people to eat outside the facility.

Roman confirms the citation in the video and clarifies that the people were eating outside, either standing or sitting on a city bench—not one owned by his restaurant.

Roman was furious and sought to defend his decision to block the inspector’s car to a pair of police officers who showed up at the scene.

“If we can’t work, he can’t work. I’m not moving my truck,” he argued, telling the officer he’d like to speak with their supervisor.

In the video, Roman was collected but spoke passionately to the trio (the officers and the health inspector) about his inability to pay his bills — or his staff members and their bills.

At various parts of the 7-minute video, Roman mentions that one of his staff members just had a child too, but that none of them were able to collect paychecks or earn any money because of the health inspector.

So, Roman said he took the “desperate” action to raise awareness.

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“I’m desperate. Who’s going to pay her car payment?” Roman asked, pointing to a staff member. “Who is going to pay my cook’s rent?”

“I can’t make a living. I can’t make any money,” he added.

The health inspector had none of it and brushed Roman’s plea — cheekily saying, “We’re all in this together.”

“Do you get a paycheck? My people don’t,” Roman retorted, asking the inspector and the officers. They all confirmed they were still being paid under the pandemic.

Watch the viral video below:




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