Alyssa Milano Claims Masks Provide More Protection Than AR-15s In Disputed Tweet

Anti-gun leftist Alyssa Milano was blasted on Twitter over the weekend when she attempted to compare the protections offered by personal protective face masks to AR-15s.

Masks provide more protection than guns, she claimed.

No, really.

“Anti-maskers are the same people who think they need an AR-15 for ‘protection,’” she said in a tweet.

“LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: A MASK WILL PROTECT YOU *MORE* THAN AN AR-15 WILL,” she added in all-caps, leaving no room to possibly misinterpret her comments.

See any issues with her comparison? Several people online quickly did.

As the Western Journal reports, several people pointed out flaws in her logic — such as the types of protection offered and their degrees of severity:

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Despite her various anti-gun posts, Milano previously admitted in 2019 to owning guns in her home and supporting the Second Amendment.

She continues to claim, however, that she supports more restrictions for gun ownership.





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