‘This Is Stupid’: Dems Want To Remove ‘Gendered Terms’ Like ‘Father, Daughter, Mother, And Son’ From House Rules

Out with the old, in with the new.

That’s the usual attitude moving forward into the new year but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues are taking things to another level.

Instead of just having a new Congress with new members, the majority party is also gearing up with new rules and new pronouns to address its respective members.

As Axios reports, the U.S. House of Representatives is set to rewrite its rules to swap out gendered terms like “him” and “her” for more inclusive pronouns.

That’s not all.

Terms that will also be excluded are “father,” “daughter,” “mother,” and “son.”

From Axios:

The proposal comes as transgender and non-binary candidates are being elected around the country, progressives are gaining influence in the Democratic politics and U.S. schools and companies are adjusting policies and language to reflect society’s changing views on sexuality and gender identification.

And, per the Washington Examiner:

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The proposed rule package seeks to “honor all gender identities” by striking words including “seaman,” “chairman,” “father,” “mother,” “sister,” “husband,” and “wife” from use and replacing them with gender-neutral terms including “seafarer,” “chair,” “parent,” “child,” and “sibling.”

The resolution, proposed Friday by Rep. James McGovern, the chairman of the House Rules Committee, will be voted on after the 117th Congress is sworn in on Sunday.

If passed, the package will also strike the use of “himself and herself” in favor of the term “themself,” and track the “diversity” of witnesses appearing before House panels.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy repsonded to the change in a tweet where he called it “stupid.”

“This is stupid,” he simply said.