Candace Owens Claims: ‘Racist Democrats Rebranded Segregation As Black Empowerment’

Conservative icon Candace Owens has warned her fellow Black Americans not to fall for Democratic trickery and their expressed interest in helping minorities.

In a pair of tweets, Owens said the new woke effort to help embolden Black Americans is actually an illusion used as “propaganda” and to get them to “the point of blindness.”

It’s a trap and people are falling for it.

Owens, who rose to prominence denouncing the Democratic Party and allying with President Trump, specifically said that liberals have actually “reintroduced segregation” by creating safe, identifiable spaces for Black Americans.

“Netflix now has a category for ‘black cinema’. Uber Eats now has a category for ‘black restaurants,’” Owens tweeted Saturday. “The Left has reintroduced segregation back into American society under the guise of progressivism— they used #BLM propaganda to anger black people to the point of blindness.”

She continued: “Racist Democrats rebranded segregation as black empowerment, and ignorant fools fell for it. Spoiler alert: they aren’t done yet. Keep believing evil white conservatives want to bring harm to you while the actual evil white racist progressives continue to destroy your life.”

Here’s how some people responded to Owens via BizPac Review:

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