Republican Rep. Turns His Back On Donald Trump — Calls For Him To Resign Or Removed Over Capitol Hill Mayhem

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott requested that President Trump resign or be removed from office due to inflaming a large group of Trump supporters that breached the U.S. Capitol in Washington, according to Fox News.

“Make no mistake, the President of the United States is responsible for this event,” Scott, a Republican, said in a statement.

“President Trump has orchestrated a campaign to cause an insurrection that overturns the results of a free, fair and legal election.”

“The fact is the results of this election have been validated by Republican governors, conservative judges and non-partisan election officials across the country. There is no doubt that the President’s delusion, fabrication, self-interest, and ego have led us – step by step – to this very low, and very dangerous, moment in American history.”

Trump should resign “or be removed from office by his Cabinet, or by the Congress.”

More from Fox News:

Wednesday’s riot came against the backdrop of planned demonstrations by Trump supporters protesting the handling of the 2020 election results. The storming of the Capitol took place after months of President Trump telling supporters that the election was stolen and Republicans raising red flags about purported irregularities in ballot counts.

Most Republicans rebuked the violence in tweets earlier Wednesday and urged the protesters to be peaceful. The president also called for calm after trouble began at the Capitol.

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