Hollywood Leftists Share Their Opinions On The Capitol Hill Disorder — React To Protesters: ‘Sickened And Saddened’

Hollywood celebrities are speaking up regarding the events that took place on Wednesday at the capitol, according to Fox News.

Ashton Kutcher said, “Support the peaceful transition of power!!!!!!!!”

“That’s being a patriot!”

Pink said, “As a United States Citizen, and the daughter of two veterans, and the sister of another, I am ashamed of what is happening in Washington. Hypocrisy, shame, Embarrassment. Unpatriotic hypocritical sheep drinking poison Kool aid. This a sad day for America.”

Leah Remini said, “Sickened & saddened by what I’m seeing-on so many levels.”

“Cowards. Disgraceful. We will get through this. #CapitolRiots.”

“Last June peaceful protestors against a racist murder were beaten and gassed near the Capitol,” he tweeted. “Today Trump thugs stormed the building unchallenged, directly from a rally where he deliberately stoked their violence with lies. May he be flushed round the U-bend of history forever.”

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“And now they’re all just being allowed to leave. Is that what I’m seeing?” Brown wrote. “They breached the Capitol, entered offices and left with Lord knows what state secrets & incited violence and yet: No arrests. Not a one. WOW.”

Sarah Jessica Parker said, “no surprise.”

“Unimaginable. Disgraceful. Shocking. But no surprise,” she wrote, ‘So many to hold responsible. You know who you are. You dismissed the violent, divisive, cruel rhetoric. You made excuses. Cowards He/you are not leaders. We will try to re-build. You will try to live with yourselves.”

Karlie Kloss said, “Accepting the results of a legitimate democratic election is patriotic. Refusing to do so and inciting violence is anti-American,” the “Project Runway” judge tweeted.