Trump To Skip Biden Inauguration

President Trump will not attend the presidential inauguration on January 20th, where he will formally conclude his presidency and pass leadership of the country to President-Elect Joe Biden.

Trump announced his decision in a tweet on Friday, just before his account was indefinitely suspended from the platform.

As Axios reports, Trump’s decision not to participate in the inauguration comes on the heels of the Capitol Hill riots and breaks a longstanding tradition in United States history, both a symbolic and literal handing off from one administration to the next.

After the Capitol Hill riots earlier this week, Twitter announced they would be temporarily suspending President Trump’s personal account until he took down a pair of tweets the platform claimed were inciting violence. The platform ultimately decided to permanently suspend the president’s personal account and said they would be treating him as a normal citizen once he leaves the White House.

Trump, however, did say that he would support a “seamless transition of power” and accepted that a “new administration will be inaugurated on Jan. 20.”

Here’s more, from Axios:

  • The apparent concession speech came as the president faces White House resignations, abandonment from once-loyal Republicans, and the threat of a second impeachment by the House.
  • The chaotic events of Wednesday had fueled speculation that Biden’s inauguration, which will be significantly pared-down due to the pandemic, could be disrupted by Trump supporters.

What they’re saying: Biden said at a press conference Friday that Trump not coming to his inauguration is “one of the few things he and I have ever agreed on.”

During the press conference, Biden described the current president as “an embarrassment to the country” and as someone who “is not worthy to hold that office.”

“He exceeded even my worst notions about him,” the president-elect also said.

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