BREAKING: Big Tech Just Canceled Trump

Donald Trump is still the President of the United States, but that does not seem to matter to the big tech companies that effectively canceled him from communicating with his supporters.

As of Sunday morning, Trump was restricted or banned from accessing all major social media platforms.

In addition to major platforms, Trump was also banned from lesser-known platforms like Twitch, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest.

The president was also banned from Google platforms, including YouTube.

He’s canceled… despite still being the leader of the country.

This is not the first time that Trump has been banned or had his posts censored.

Previously, when a tweet was removed or restricted by the platform, Trump would say at his rallies that the company was overstepping and violating his right to speak freely.

As for his potential next steps, the president will also be unable to access Parler, which has grown in popularity among conservatives in the Trump era, as the platform has been removed from Google, Apple, and Amazon stores.

As Axios reports, these bannings — which are also impacting some of the president’s supporters — are pushing him and them underground.

From the report:

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The United States, torn apart by insurrection and mass misinformation, is witnessing a political and social realignment unfold in real time: We’re splitting into three Americas.

Why it matters: America, in its modern foundational components, is breaking into blue America, red America, and Trump America — all with distinct politics, social networks and media channels.


  • Parts of Trump America, canceled by Twitter and so many others, are severing their ties to the realities of the other Americas, and basically going underground. There will be less awareness and perhaps scrutiny of what’s being said and done.
  • Axios’ Sara Fischer reports that Apptopia shows a surge in downloads for conservative-friendly social networks — Parler, MeWe and Rumble — in the past two days, following Trump bans by mainstream social media and tech.

On the other side of the aisle, Democrats have become emboldened.

Liberals “won control of the House, Senate and White House; dominates traditional media; owns, controls and lives on the dominant social platforms; and has the employee-level power at Big Tech companies to force corporate decisions,” Axios reports.

Democrats are also looking to impeach Trump for a second time, potentially prevent him from every being able to run for office in the future, and undo some of his keystone achievements.

President-Elect Joe Biden has already stated that he would stop future construction of the southern border way and stop all regulatory changes that Trump ordered that have not yet been implemented.