Democrats Are Working Hard To Ensure That Not ‘Even A Bench’ Will Be Named In President Trump’s Honor

House Representatives Linda T. Sánchez and Joaquin Castro are working to ensure that President Donald Trump is never memorialized in any official manner.

“I am working on a bill that would mean that nothing — not even a bench, no airport, no highway, no school, nothing — ever bear the name of this traitor,” California congresswoman Linda Sánchez said. Sanchez explained that she wanted to hold people accountable, “[starting] with the President because he invited people to the Capitol, and he incited them.”

“Given that those around Trump have never stood up to him, I have a hard time believing that they will meet this moment with the, with the appropriate response,” she said. “So we have also, I have also, signed on to articles of impeachment to try to remove him.”

“I don’t think that he deserves any of the benefits that are conferred on prior presidents,” she said. “I don’t believe that a seditious occupant of the White House should have ever have anything named after him.”

“In addition to supporting the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump,” Castro wrote, “I am also preparing legislation that would prohibit any federal building or property from being named after President Donald J. Trump.”

“President Trump incited an insurrection that damaged some our nation’s most significant and sacred federal property. Most importantly – let us learn from our past,” he continued. “Donald Trump should never become a future generation’s confederate symbol.”