Debra Messing Continues To Encroach Into Politics — Set To Host Biden Inauguration Concert: ‘Celebrate Decency And Hope’

Debra Messing, who has promoted physical violence against President Donald Trump, has announced she will co-host a pre-inauguration concert for Joe Biden, saying that the concert will celebrate “decency and hope.”

The virtual event, which will serve as an inauguration fundraiser, will feature performances by Carole King, Will.I.AM, James Taylor, Fall Out Boy, Michael Bivins, Ben Harper and AJR.

Pro-Biden actors Kal Penn and Connie Britton are also reportedly set to make an appearance.

“Time to celebrate decency & hope.”

Debra Messing stated in a tweet that she hopes President Trump gets raped in prison. Her promotion of physical violence followed an earlier comment in which she lobbed a gay insult at the commander in chief, saying that she hopes he becomes “the most popular boyfriend to all the inmates.”

Both tweets have vanished from her timeline.

Messing has a history of using Twitter to make false statements.

Messing recently smeared two high school Republicans as white supremacists, claiming that they flashed a white power hand sign in a photo at a Trump rally

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