Republican Rep. Ken Buck Shreds ‘Socialists In Hollywood’ In Savage Tirade Over Promoting Violence Against Conservatives

Rep. Ken Buck railed against “socialists in Hollywood” during the House floor debate over the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The congressman said it was Democrats who didn’t condemn the violence promoted for years by left-wing celebrities like Robert De Niro, Madonna, and Kathy Griffin made against President Trump.

“The socialists in Hollywood joined their [Democrat] allies in Congress,” said Buck. “Robert De Niro said that he wanted to punch the president in the face. Madonna thought about blowing up the White House. Kathy Griffin held up a likeness of the president’s beheaded head.”

“And nothing was said by my colleagues at that point in time. In fact, one Democrat colleague said that Trump supporters should be harassed wherever they are, in restaurants, on the street, in supermarkets,” added Buck, referring to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)’s comments from 2018.

“The president’s supporters were harassed,” the congressman continued. “Ajit Pai, the head of the FCC, was called a ‘dirty, sneaky, Indian,’ his children were harassed in school, the press secretary Sarah Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant for being a Trump employee. The DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen [was] harassed at her home.”

“The president was under investigation by a special counsel who found no collusion, no conspiracy with Russia.”

“Madam Speaker, I’ve heard that President Trump radicalized the rioters who stormed this Capitol, and I would say we need to look no further than ourselves to find out what happened, and to look at history,” said Buck. “Americans were frustrated when they learned that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign.”

“They were frustrated to learn that the Obama administration and the DNC had created this false campaign against the Trump administration,” he added. “They were frustrated, madam Speaker, when the Inauguration of the president was boycotted by over 40 Democrat members of this House. They were frustrated to read in the Washington Post the day after the Inauguration, ‘let the impeachment begin.’ They were frustrated when members of this House spoke over and over about impeaching the president days into his administration.”


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