CNN’s Chris Cuomo Defends Republican In Fiery Exchange With Don Lemon On Capitol Hill Riots

CNN’s Chris Cuomo defended President Donald Trump’s voters to Don Lemon, according to The Daily Caller.

“I will tell you this. There are a lot of people who voted for Trump who don’t agree with you,” Cuomo said.

“That’s fine. They are allowed to their own opinion. It doesn’t mean they’re right, but they’re allowed to their opinion, and I believe what I said last night,” Lemon replied.

“Absolutely you do. But they look at this mob and they say ‘That’s not me,’” Cuomo pushed back.

Lemon argued that didn’t matter because Trump voters and the mob had voted for the same things.

“It puts you in the same crowd, yes it does,” Lemon replied, saying that similar votes indicated that people shared common interests. “That’s how voting works.”

“Right. But it doesn’t mean that you believe — but it doesn’t mean that a voter believes that their vote means what you think it means,” Cuomo continued to push back on Lemon’s argument.

“Well, but it also means that you share something with that person. And you must own up to it,” Lemon insisted.

“And we have to stop saying — giving people an out for people who represent the worst behaviors. Stop trying to make an excuse for people who voted for someone who has those beliefs. You may think you don’t believe that, but in a way what you’re doing, you’re complicit with it because you’re voting for the same type of person.”

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