Opinion: Nice Guy Trump Trusted Too Many Swamp Creatures

For over four years, President Trump has been portrayed as everything from a bully to a baby. ‘He’s a Russian spy,’ they said. He’s a fascist. Anything negative, the media and corrupt politicians attached it to Trump. Long story short from the left…Orange Man Bad. As Trump’s first term comes to an end, it’s funny to realize that the biggest character flaw of the man who has been constantly painted as mean and rotten, just may be that he’s too nice.

Yes, you read that right. Donald J. Trump is leaving office, at least for now, because he trusted too many people. The wrong people.

When Trump was running for the presidency back in 2016, on his way to ultimately shocking Hillary Clinton and the world, one of his rallying cries was ‘Drain The Swamp’. Trump promised supporters he would get rid of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who have corroded Washington for far too long. Looking back at his term, it is plain to see that Trump did expose, and in some cases usher out, some of DC’s worst. But, while 45 was 86ing many bad actors, some of the very swamp creatures he was looking to send packing were standing right beside him.

Trump ran, and won, as an outsider. His historic upset over the seemingly anointed Clinton was basically a big middle finger from America to the establishment. Trump won because people from all walks of life were fed up. People had had enough of the corruption. Instead of once again heading down that all too familiar crooked path, voters chose a successful businessman with no agenda. They went with the guy who was stubborn enough to want to prove the naysayers that he could do it. The guy who was cocky enough to believe he could fix things. In many ways, he did just that.

Trump beat Hillary in resounding fashion. He then went on to arguably accomplish more than any other president in one term. Trump kept us from war. He made us safer. He provided more opportunities for minorities than ever before. The economy was sizzling. Things were great again. The fact that he did this with all of the lamestream media, all of the Democrats, and a good chunk of so-called Republicans fighting his every move, made his efforts Herculean. Promises made, promise kept. But, all along there was a major problem in and around the presidency. A problem, Trump himself willingly let in.

Trump was able to do what weak candidates like Jeb, Marco, Romney, and McCain were not able to pull off, largely due to his his strong commitment to the people and the truth. While failed GOP candidates of the past worried about polls, political hacks, and their standing with the elites, Trump only cared about doing what was right. He stood up for the unborn. He protected our Second Amendment. He wished everyone a Merry Christmas. He did all of this without apology and without fear. In today’s society, every time a person in any field is attacked by the left, they immediately apologize. Even when they know they didn’t do anything wrong, athletes, entertainers, politicians, and regular Americans beg for the forgiveness of the virtue signaling mob. Not Trump. When Trump was attacked for any of his positions, he would double down. Trump would explain why what he was doing was best for the country and then call out the culprit who was wrongfully bashing him. Oh, how the swap hated that. But, while Trump could clearly spot the Democrats and fake news ‘reporters’ in his way, it was the phonies allegedly ‘on his team’ who led us to the Biden-Harris disaster.

Being an outsider, Trump figured he’d have to have some people on board with Beltway experience to help him through the logistics of his new gig. Perhaps. But, Trump had too many of those types on his team from day one. Sure, he wound up firing many of them early in his term, but they were often replaced by other government lifers. Trump trusted people, elected and otherwise, who didn’t really care about him or the MAGA agenda, but simply used the momentum of his big win to further themselves.

Like moths to ballpark lights, countless Trump surrogates were always there for the photo op or party, but what did they really do to help with the presidency or the reelection campaign? Once it was believed that Joe Biden would indeed take over in 2021, many of these people turned on Trump or went silent.

The elected officials were just as slimy. In Washington and across the nation, spineless politicians used Trump when they needed him and dumped him as soon as they could. From the McConnells and Cottons to the Kemps and Duceys, the game plan was clear. Take full advantage of Trump for fundraising and endorsements, but when he needs support, run and hide like the weak milquetoasts they truly are.

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Sure, Pelosi, AOC, Schiff, and the rest of the crazed progressives are off their rocker, but at least they’re relatively honest in their intentions. They hate Trump. They tell you this. They want him gone and embarrassed at any cost. They believe he must be disgraced and humiliated. Disgusting? Yes. But their cards are on the table. Worm Republicans fake support for Trump when it’s not too risky for their own hide, but bash him when they feel it may help them get a book deal or a country club invite.

Within the GOP, ‘Never Trumpers’ like Romney, Ben Sasse, and Jeff Flake are bad enough, but perhaps even more off putting are the ones who support Trump seemingly wholeheartedly one minute, only to morph into full snake the next. It seems other than a handful of people, every Republican had his/her price or limit.

During the Georgia run-off, President Trump tirelessly campaigned or Senator Kelly Loeffler. She played right along, pledging to contest the presidential election results. After losing her race, Loeffler knew she didn’t need Trump anymore, and she turned on him. She suddenly changed her stance and announced she would not object to Biden’s alleged win, pointing to the Capitol protests as her rationale.

Loeffler is just one of many who has pulled this type of move. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise partially blamed Trump for the Capitol chaos. Other than perhaps rookie Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, you’d be hard pressed to find someone in Washington who is all in for Trump. Swamp creatures like the swamp too much to worry about things like principles.

For too long, Trump, again and again, brought in and trusted people that were clearly superficial and in it for themselves. Meantime, great patriots were banned from the Republican Convention and the 2016 Inauguration. The people who were for Trump without asking anything in return were in some cases cast aside, while people like John Bolton, Anthony Scaramucci, and Bill Barr were brought in. They all now make a living off of bashing Mr. Trump. These hires were doomed from the start. Yet, Trump trusted those advisors who made him feel like they had his best interests in mind. Far from it.

We’ve seen this story before. People from all fields who trust others too much and eventually get burned. Billy Joel leaned the hard way that honesty truly is such a lonely word. The Piano Man entrusted his brother in-law to handle finances. Frank Weber went on to commit fraud, using Joel as a “personal bank”, steering millions of the entertainer’s dollars, without Joel’s knowledge, toward investments that stood to benefit . In the end, Joel was basically robbed of over $90 million. Talk show host Larry King invested over $700,000 with Bernie Madoff and lost it all when the scammer was arrested. Boxing great Mike Tyson was swindled out of about $100 million by promoters and others he felt comfortable with. And of course, who can forget Notre Dame football star Manti Teʻo’s girlfriend who never was. None of these cases were ever really a matter of trust.

While these celebrities mostly lost money, Trump ‘s stakes were even higher. One could argue, our country will suffer due to trust issues in Washington. Think about it. Imagine if Trump was surrounded by loyal people who actually had the best interests of the country on the top of their list.

If President Trump had people around him who weren’t worried about their social media status or their standing among corrupt politicians, we’d probably be swearing in Trump for a second term. Trump called out the politicians who pushed for mail-in ballots months before the election. He told us that this had nothing to do with public safety, but everything to do with cheating. No one did a thing. After Biden supposedly got the most votes ever, even though he rarely campaigned and hardly had anyone attend his rallies, Trump immediately pointed out the voter fraud that ran rampant across the country. GOP governors caved. Imagine if they fought.

Trump’s accomplishments are remarkable considering how much of his good work was done solely by him and We The People. Swamp creatures did all they could to deter him, yet Trump still, for the most part, came out on top.

If Trump were surrounded by true patriots who truly wanted to serve their country, nothing could have stopped the Trump Train. In the end though, cheating, lying, and backstabbing were just enough to derail the greatest presidency of our lifetime, at least for now.

Biden will be the next Commander-in-Chief, but not because of Democrat activism. Not because of COVID. Not because of the press. Not because of Trump’s ‘mean’ tweets. Biden is taking over the Oval Office because Trump trusted people who enabled all of those things to run wild, unchecked. Now, as a radical administration begins, we will all pay a price.

Before Trump ran for the White House he was universally loved. Not just for his TV and movie presence or his boxing promotions or his quality hotels and golf courses. Trump was loved because he was really an Everyman, who just happened to have a lot of money. Story after story tells us that Trump was always generous, friendly, and warm to wait staff, doormen, taxi drivers, and cleaning crews. Trump understood how the real world worked and who made it tick. He appreciated the working man, because in many ways he was one of them, albeit with a fatter wallet. But while Trump understood the outside world, he clearly underestimated the disease that is inside the world of politics.

The man we were told was evil was actually too nice. Donald Trump trusted some of the very creatures he was there to battle. Trump is still the greatest president of our lifetime. His biggest ‘flaw’ as leader of the free world is actually a gargantuan compliment as a character trait. Seeing the good in people is admirable. Giving people the benefit of the doubt is Christian. But in the cesspool known as Washington, DC, all bets are off. Trust no one or they’ll make you pay. Now, a truly out of touch group will take its toll on all of us. A good man was taken advantage of by a band of professional ne’er-do-wells. These people could have done great things. Instead, they wasted the precious time of President Trump and all of us. Were all the photo ops and social media likes worth it? We trust not.


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