Opinion: Kids Get Out Of School Early To Spend Some Time With Uncle Joe Biden

The School District of Philadelphia finds Presidential Inaugurations to be very important to their students. Unless, of course Donald Trump is the man being sworn in. In the typical hypocritical fashion that we’ve all become quite accustomed to, Philly schools are suddenly very much into Wednesday’s swearing-in ceremonies. Four years ago? Not so much.

On their official web site, this announcement was made on Tuesday:

‘Attention: The School District of Philadelphia will allow schools to plan for a half day of SYNCHRONOUS learning for Wednesday, January 20, 2021 so everyone has the option of watching the Presidential Inauguration.’

So, students will have a half day in order to have the opportunity to watch Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take their respective oaths. On the surface, there’s nothing wrong with that. Inauguration Day is a part of our system’s fabric. Children certainly should get the chance to view these important ceremonies. But, where was this half-day back in 2017?

When Donald Trump and Mike Pence officially became President Trump and Vice President Pence, Philadelphia students were in their regular classes doing school work. There was no half day. There was no special recognition of what was happening in our nation’s capitol. It was just another day at school. For some school officials it was their own personal day of mourning.

Four years later, and school officials are putting such a premium on this inauguration that they’re instituting a half day. Trump’s presidency was ignored, while Biden’s will be celebrated. This is the indoctrination so many parents are rightfully concerned about.

In 2009 and again in 2013, both of Barack Obama’s inaugurations were shown in many Philadelphia classrooms. Clearly, the district is making a political statement. Inaugurations are important to show to kids, unless that inauguration features Donald J. Trump.

This brazen choosing of sides should come as no surprise. After all, the teachers union is one of the Democrat party’s main bosses. The Philadelphia union is particularly active when it comes to progressive, far-left activism. The city itself is also giddy over Joe and Kamala.

Last week, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office tweeted:

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“I want to be clear: Anyone in Philadelphia County who attempts to disrupt the peace ahead of President-elect Joseph Biden’s inauguration will be held accountable by local law enforcement and by my office.”

Certainly not a bad idea, but doesn’t this go without saying? Some residents wondered on social media why the DA cares more about Biden than the citizens of Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia DA is Larry Krasner. This is the same Larry Krasner who has referred to president Trump as a ‘wannabe fascist’ and an ‘authoritarian dictator’.

That’s where we are, folks. Trump has been trashed in our public schools for four years. Now, Biden will be honored with a half-day. This will be the norm for at least the near future.

Whether kids actually watch the inauguration or choose to play video games or watch TV, remains to be seen. One thing’s for certain. The schools have an agenda and they are pushing it on our children without any shame at all.


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