Houston Influencer Alexis Sharkey’s Death Has Been Deemed A Homicide — Officials Reveal She Was Strangled

Alexis Sharkey’s naked corpse was found dead, bruised and beat, on the side of a Texas highway after an alleged altercation with her husband, has been confirmed to be strangled to death, according to Fox News.

Sharkey’s body was found on Nov. 28 near Red Haw Lane, officials said.

Alexis’ husband, Tom Sharkey, said his wife was unhappy and “stressed” before she left their house on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Her body was found the next day.

He denied that he and his wife were in the process of filing for a divorce and told the news station he and Alexis “didn’t fight when she left.”

Police have not identified any suspects and have not announced any update in the case since December.

Alexis Sharkey’s friends, reported the young woman wanted to file for divorce or was already in the process of getting one. She spent a recent trip arguing with her husband and said he “had been putting hands on her,” one friend said.

“Throughout the trip, he was sending really awful, nasty messages to her,” said the friend, who asked to remain anonymous. “But one night when she and I were talking alone she said, ‘He strangles me and chokes me out and I black out and wake up on the bathroom floor every single time.'”

“Everyone was in a panic. Her friends. It made our panic worse,” she said.

Robinault is adamant her daughter “didn’t wind up where she was found on her own.”

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“The way in which she was found – my child would never do that to herself,” Robinault said. “That doesn’t even make sense. That is absolutely foul play.”

More from Fox News:

Sharkey, who boasted a large following on social media, and her husband moved to northwest Houston at the beginning of the year following their wedding, her mother, Stacey Robinault, previously told Fox News.

Robinault, of Pennsylvania, said Tom Sharkey told her that his wife “took off” and she grew concerned.

She later told Fox News there was “no doubt” in her mind that foul play was involved in her daughter’s death, but said Sharkey “never expressed any fear of anything to me.”


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