CNN Executive Gets Absolutely Roasted Following Comments About Joe Biden Inauguration — Fireworks ‘Inspire Our Friends And Shake Our Foes’

CNN executive Matt Dornic receives lots of criticism for his remarks regarding the celebratory fireworks stating that they will “inspire our friends and shake our foes,” according to Fox News.

“This team truly understands optics. These images will inspire our friends and shake our foes,” Dornic tweeted.

“A CNN executive actually making the argument that China or Russia or ISIS or Al Qaeda being shaken by a fireworks display while Katy Perry is singing already wins the award for Best Unintentional Comedy for the year,” Concha told Fox News.

“Everyone is now dumber for having read it,” Concha said. “I award him no points. And may God have mercy on his soul.”

Richard Grennell responded, “Ratio! Haha. Baghdad Bob Dornic.”

“’Head of Strategic Comms @CNN Worldwide,’ sucking up so bad to the Biden administration and underlining the reality that if anyone at CNN dares to critically and vigorously cover the Biden administration, they’d best find other work or risk a stern talking to,” Curtis Houck wrote.

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