Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Calls For ‘Implicit Bias’ Training For All City Employees To Achieve ‘Racial Justice’

Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti has announced that the City of Los Angeles will require all employees to undergo “implicit bias” training as part of an effort to achieve “racial justice.”

He then added that “in the midst of the clarion calls for racial justice that we saw in the streets of this country,” L.A. would require all city employees to undergo “anti-bias learning” and “mandatory implicit bias training” to help “dismantle racism for good.”

The City of Los Angeles currently employs more than 50,000 people.

“Racism is woven into the systems that define our daily lives and we must be relentless in rooting it out,” said Capri Maddox, Executive Director of the Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department, in the release.

The Kirwan training makes claims such as “research suggests that most Americans – regardless
of race – hold an anti-Black/pro-White implicit bias.”

“On a practical level, Critical Race Theory teaches that social interactions are guided by “white supremacy,” and that society is corrupted by “systemic racism,” according to which black Americans must always be victims — even if unconsciously so. Critical Race Theory is the ideology animating the Black Lives Matter movement that has brought unrest to America’s cities.”

President Joe Biden rescinded that order on his first day in office, citing the “unbearable human costs of systemic racism.”



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