BREAKING: President Biden Just Signed New Face Mask Executive Order, Here’s What We Know

President Joe Biden issued executive orders mandating that interstate travelers must wear face masks when using specific modes of transportation, such as airplanes or trains, according to The Daily Wire.

Promoting COVID-19 Safety In Domestic And International Travel calls on various cabinet agencies to use existing authority to implement the new mandate on applicable methods of public transportation, which can include at airports, on commercial aircraft, on trains, on public maritime vessels and ferries, and on intercity bus services.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said that Biden would be implementing an interstate-travel mask mandate at the start of his term.

Biden called on Americans to wear masks for the next 100 days as part of a “100 Day Masking Challenge.”

From The Daily Wire:

According to The Hill, Biden will dedicate his third day in office to economic relief policies and the following Monday to a “Buy America” agenda. The following Tuesday, Biden will focus on “equity”-related executive actions, then on climate the following day, and then on health care the day after that. The health care day will include rescinding the Mexico City Policy, which prevents federal tax dollars from going to non-governmental organizations abroad that promote or perform abortions. Finally, January 29 will be dedicated to immigration policies, and then the month of February will be dedicated to “Restoring America’s Place in the World.”

Biden has already reversed the Trump administration’s ban on travel from specific Muslim-majority countries, announced that the U.S. will not leave the World Health Organization — a reversal of Trump administration policy — and rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement. The president has also extended a Trump administration policy to freeze payments and interest on federal student loans because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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