Joe Biden Kicks Off Second Week Of Presidency With Newly Revealed Plans — Here’s What We Know

President Joe Biden is utilizing the week ahead to affirm his support for abortion, nix Trump administration policies on illegal immigration and kick off his “racial equity” agenda, according to The Western Journal.

Biden’s executive orders for the week, are to begin Monday and start with strengthening the federal government’s “Buy American” rules.

Tuesday will be “equity day.”

“The president is likely to establish a policing commission and reinstate Obama-era rules on the transfer of military-style equipment to local law enforcement.”

Wednesday will be “climate day.”

Biden will outline actions that will be taken administratively to “combat climate change domestically and elevate … climate change as a national security priority.”

“Health care day” has been reserved for Thursday.

Biden will be making moves to remove Trump’s pro-life policies.

Friday is “immigration day.”

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Biden will be creating a task force to unite any migrant families separated during the Trump administration.

“The vast majority of Americans support laws that protect minorities from discrimination, so that every American can have equality of opportunity, without their own talents being held back by prejudice,” he wrote. “But Biden’s speech and executive orders come from a very different place. They explicitly replace the idea of equality in favor of what anti-liberal critical theorists call ‘equity.’ They junk equality of opportunity in favor of equality of outcomes.”

Sullivan said Biden’s version of equity means giving those groups Biden believes have been oppressed “a specific advantage in treatment by the federal government over other groups — in order to make up for historic injustice and ‘systemic’ oppression.”

“Equity therefore comes first. Until equity is reached, equality is postponed — perhaps for ever,” he wrote. “Equity means treating individuals unequally so that groups are equal.”

“And those policies are obviously unconstitutional,” he wrote. “The federal government cannot actively discriminate on the basis of race, sex or group identity under the Constitution.”

“It cannot strip women of their rights as a distinct biological class. It cannot void religious freedom for individuals. Biden’s woke rampage in the federal government won’t last, because it cannot last if our constitution means anything.

“So let the lawsuits commence as Biden alienates and inflames his moderate supporters and snubs practices that most Americans take as common sense.”

From The Western Journal:

Biden will also take his first steps to reverse the Trump administration’s Title X policies, which blocked recipients of Title X funds from providing abortions with other funding or from referring patients to abortion providers.

Biden’s equity push was recently savaged by former New Republic editor Andrew Sullivan, who posted that Biden’s equity agenda means the very opposite of equality.


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