Details Emerge About Trump’s Private Meeting With House GOP Leader McCarthy

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago and the two agreed to work together on Republicans taking back the House in 2022, according to Fox News.

“President Trump has agreed to work with Leader McCarthy on helping the Republican Party to become a majority in the House.”

“They worked very well together in the last election and picked up at least 15 seats when most predicted it would be the opposite. They will do so again, and the work has already started.”

“United and ready to win in ’22”

“For the sake of our country, the radical Democrat agenda must be stopped,” McCarthy said in a statement. “A united conservative movement will strengthen the bonds of our citizens and uphold the freedoms our country was founded on.”

“They are catching up as McCarthy will be in the neighborhood.”

“They’ve been on good terms for a while, and that will be important for the party moving forward.”

“I don’t believe he provoked it if you listen to what he said at the rally,” McCarthy said referring to the riots at the Capitol.

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From Fox News:

McCarthy didn’t support Trump’s impeachment but said in a floor speech on Jan. 13 that “the President bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. These facts require immediate action by President Trump.”

McCarthy, however, last week said he didn’t think Trump’s speech before thousands of his supporters before they marched to the Capitol provoked the attack. He made a distinction that he faults Trump for his slow response in rebuking the attack as it was unfolding.

Trump’s impeachment trial is set to begin in the Senate the week of Feb. 8.


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