Trump Reportedly Eyeing New Major Project

Mainstream media outlets, social media platforms, big tech, and Democrats may have all rallied together to successfully silence President Trump but he is still working on getting his message heard.

And, as the Washington Examiner reports, Trump may already be working on his first major project since leaving the White House — and it’s coming to a publishing house near you.

As a “publishing industry source close to the former president” told the Washington Examiner, Trump is at least “thinking of” writing his own autobiography.

But, that too, might be an uphill struggle.

“The publishing industry is girding itself to resist it and block it. That includes all of the major publishers and even printers and warehouses,” the source added.

From the report:

While many industry insiders are violently opposed to signing a book contract with the president or his top aides, that could change after a cooling-off period.

“It’s harder to sell a book or land a TV contributorship for anyone coming out of the Trump administration than it’s ever been,” said Keith Urbahn, the founding partner and president of Washington-based Javelin, which has represented many authors, including former Trump national security aide John Bolton, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, and “Anonymous.”

“It’s no secret that New York publishers have always taken a dim view toward Trump administration officials and books, even as they made tens of millions of dollars off of them the past four years. But along with the rest of corporate America, there’s been a sharp turn in the wake of the election and Jan. 6. Deals are being made for a few select high-level officials, but the bar for a major book deal got a lot higher for anyone who worked for Trump in the past month,” he added.

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Trump and his former officials do have at least one ally in the publishing field though, as retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North — who runs Fidelis Publishing — is openly supporting the former president.

“Since I run Fidelis Publishing, I said, ‘Yeah, if you can’t find somebody else to publish, all it requires is content that’s biblical,” he said of his offer, shown below,” he told the Washington Examiner.

“We’re obviously overwhelmed,” he added, pointing to some 150,000 responses, including at least six book deals from Trump’s team.



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