Watch: New Dem Claims GOP Colleague ‘Berated’ Her, But The Republican Member Recorded The Whole Thing

New Democratic Congresswoman Cori Bush took to Twitter on Friday morning and claimed that she was “berated” by newly elected Republican Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene.

“A maskless Marjorie Taylor Greene & her staff berated me in a hallway. She targeted me & others on social media,” Bush tweeted, announcing she had taken action to have her office formally moved further away from Greene’s.

“I’m moving my office away from hers for my team’s safety,” she added.

Bush then connected her current quarrel with Greene to a legislative effort she was taking to penalize those members who vocalized support for the January 6th Capitol Hill riots.

“I’ve called for the expulsion of members who incited the insurrection from Day 1. Bring H.Res 25 to a vote,” Bush concluded the tweet.

The dispute was speculative but Bush claimed she was the victim of the alleged incident and her supporters flocked to her defense.

That is, until Greene published a video of the incident, claiming Bush was lying about the whole thing.

According to a tweet from Greene, she happened to be live streaming to her constituents when the incident took place.

“She is lying to you. She berated me,” Greene tweeted.

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“Maybe Rep. Bush didn’t realize I was live on video, but I have the receipts,” she added.

Watch the incident below and judge for yourself who initiated it:

Shortly after Greene posted the video, Bush doubled down on her claim.

“On Jan. 13 — after members tested positive for COVID-19 after being locked down with her on Jan. 6 — Marjorie Taylor Greene came up from behind me, loud and unmasked. I called out to her to put hers on,” the Democrat tweeted. “Her staff yelled at me.”

“The 117th Congress has a mandate to legislate in defense of Black lives,” she added in yet a third tweet. “We impeached the white supremacist-in-chief by passing H.Res. 24. We must expel the white supremacists in Congress by passing H.Res. 25.”

Bush later appeared on a segment of “The ReidOut” with host Joy Reid where she defended her actions and claimed she was not moving her office out of fear but to focus on doing her job.