Explosive New Poll Just Revealed How Americans Really Think Another Trump Impeachment Will Go — Majority Claims Trial Will ‘Cause More Division’

A survey shows that most Americans think the impeachment trial for former President Trump will only serve to “cause more division” in the country.

The survey, taken January 25-26 among 1,000 likely U.S. voters, asked, “Will the Senate trial on Trump’s impeachment help unite the country or will it cause more division? Or will it not make much difference?”

Fifty-seven percent, overall, said it will only serve to divide the country.

19 percent said it will help “unite” the country.

20 percent said it will not make much of a difference.

Four percent expressed no opinion. Republicans are significantly more likely to believe that the proceedings will divide the country — 83 percent compared to the nine percent who said it would unite the nation.

Democrats are virtually split across the board. A plurality, or 35 percent, said the trial will unite the country, followed by 31 percent who said it will not make a difference and 30 percent who said it will divide the country further. The majority of voters outside of either major party, 61 percent, also believe the trial will divide the country.

Half of those surveyed do not believe that Trump should be convicted for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” compared to the 45 percent who said he should be.

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