White House Promoted Doctor Makes Disturbing Remarks About People In Florida — ‘Let ‘Em Die,’ ‘No Vaccines For Y’all’

Dr. Cleavon Gilman, who has been promoted by the Biden White House said that folks who did not wear masks to a market in Florida should be denied vaccinations against COVID-19, according to The Daily Wire.

“Let ’em die.”

“Naples, Florida. Let ’em die. I’m so tired of these people. No vaccine for y’all.”

“I’m working in the COVID ICU tonight! I’m so tired of giving 200% while others in the U.S. can’t even help by simply wearing a mask!” Gilman wrote in a follow-up post, adding, “My spirits are high. We’ll get through this pandemic together. I’ll keep doing my part until we’re all vaccinated.”

“I treat every patient that comes through the door the same,” Gilman closed the Twitter thread. “Many gasping for breath and devastated when they find out covid is not a hoax.”

The doctor claims to be “fighting for social justice and humanity.”

“We are thankful to Dr. Gilman and all the inspiring frontline workers who risk their lives to protect us during this pandemic,” the Biden Administration said. “We promise you this: You have a partner in the Biden-Harris administration.”

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“We all fantasize about a time when we won’t have to wear the masks anymore,” Smith said on-air. “It’s not now, but some at a supermarket in Florida appear to have decided that the time is now.”

“Footage taken by NBC’s Sam Brock then played, showing customers at the checkout lanes at a grocery store not wearing masks,” Schow outlined. “The employees largely weren’t wearing masks either. The footage was shown with the same tone and level of shock that is usually reserved for video of the aftermath from natural disasters.”

“Look at this,” Smith told viewers, “this was the scene at Oakes Farms Seed to Table Market in Naples today. NBC’s Sam Brock took this video, which went viral. It looks like it was taken pre-pandemic, right? Most customers and employees not wearing masks at all (emphasis original).”

“Florida does not mandate people wear face masks, yet the state with one of the largest senior populations in the country is doing much better, statistically, than many states with mask mandates and government restrictions on businesses,” Schow highlighted. “New York, for example, has had 43,687 deaths from COVID-19 despite having a smaller population than Florida, which has had 27,018 deaths from the virus.”