‘I Have a Message to Christians: Don’t Be Lukewarm’: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Responds To Controversial House Vote

OPINION | Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those held by Sarah Palin.

Following a House of Representatives vote earlier this week, Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was stripped of her committee assignments.

The House resolution, which passed with nearly a dozen of her fellow Republicans voting in its favor, came after the congresswoman vocalized support for those who participated in the Capitol Hill riots on January 6th. The decision also came as previous comments the congresswoman made about 9/11, the Parkland school shooting, and other conspiracies surfaced.

But, the vote was a controversial one.

Historically, congressional party leaders deal with these sort of intra-party issues themselves, whereby Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy would have decided to removed Greene from her assignments — but he didn’t.

So, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats took action.

Crossing the proverbial aisle, Democrats settled the issue by bringing the issue to a vote before the whole chamber and formally had Greene removed from her committees.

Ahead of the vote, Greene defended her actions and statements. She later gave a speech about the initial controversy and the subsequent vote.

As FaithWire reports, Greene was mostly apologetic and added clarity to statements that had been taken out of context by the mainstream media — who Greene said was “doing a really good job at addicting our nation to hate.”

“Teaching people to hate people like me, President Trump. And then on the right it’s the same way. Teaching people to hate AOC, Ilhan Omar, Nancy Pelosi. See, it goes both ways, doesn’t it?” she continued.

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“I had the greatest opportunity yesterday, and I’m so grateful for it. I got to say what I had done wrong,” she said via the report.

“Do you know how freeing that is?” Greene expressed. “I’m not kidding, I seriously feel blessed by God because I got to do it on a world stage. I got to say, ‘I said things wrong. I believed things that were wrong. And you know? I’m so happy I got to do that. People all over the country are thankful and supporting me. None of us are perfect and when we go about our life thinking that we are we’re such hypocrites. If we think we’re perfect and can judge one another, that’s such a mistake.”

She added: “So, going forward, I feel freed. I’m really grateful to God, because he forgives me. And that’s what being a Christian is really all about.”

Greene fielded some questions from reporters before closing her remarks with cautionary remarks for Christians in this country.

“I have a message to other Christians in this country: Don’t be lukewarm. That’s not what your faith is for,” the congresswoman concluded. “Our Savior died on a cross so our sins could be forgiven and he doesn’t want you to be quiet about it. He wants you to share the Gospel and share it with everyone.”

Watch the speech below: