Elizabeth Warren Issues Warning About Any Republican Who Stands With Trump, Declares They ‘Must Be Stopped’

Senator Elizabeth Warren, says she believes the Democratic impeachment managers held a compelling case against Trump and pointed out that any Republican that stands with him “must be stopped, ” according to Fox News.

“The Republicans who stand with Donald Trump are is enablers, and they must be stopped.”

Warren brought up videos that were recorded at the riot at the Capitol and claimed that she tried to make eye contact with Republicans but they simply “wanted to look off.”

A new security video showing the mob smashing windows and doors and searching menacingly for Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Six Republicans joined the Democrats ploy at 56-44 but did not make it to the needed number of votes to convict the former presidednt, 67.

Ted Cruz said, “The president’s rhetoric is at times overheated, but this is not a referendum on whether you agree with everything the president says or tweets.”