An Ice Storm In Texas Just Caused A 133-Car-Pile-Up — Here’s What We Know

Six people died in the massive pile-up and dozens of people were injured, according to Fox News.

After a massive ice storm roads were covered in ice in Forth Worth, Texas.

“The scene we saw today is really, probably, unlike anything any of us have seen, and we pray to God we never see it again. Our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers go out to everyone negatively affected by this tragic incident,” Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes said.

The ice storm covered Texas and stretched across to the Ohio Valley and the Appalachians and continued through the mid-Atlantic.

The slick, icy conditions caught commuters totally unprepared and temperatures were in the 20s.

Med Star transported at least 65 people for treatment at local hospitals.

Hypothermia became a significant concern as the rescue effort continued.

It was reported that first responders had a difficult time reaching potential victims because of the harsh conditions.

Noakes stated that four police officers were injured during the effort to rescue the victims from their vehicles.

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North Tarrant Express said that maintenance crews had started pretreating the lanes on Tuesday morning in anticipation of inclement weather.

State Rep. Ramon Romero Jr. tweeted, “This tragedy deserves an immediate and thorough investigation.”

“This inclement weather was foreseeable and lives were lost because a private company didn’t uphold its end of the deal.”

More from Fox News:

Some lawmakers questioned if the area had been salted or sanded before the crash, with some reports indicating that the roads had not been prepared.

Ramon said his office would open an investigation into the allegations and work with the Texas Department of Transportation to determine the truth.


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