Trump’s Legal Team Calls Out Dems For Fabricating Evidence, Say Case Should Be Thrown Out

The ongoing impeachment trial for former President Trump has been full of disparaging comments made by Democratic Senators against the former president.

Their allies in mainstream media are doing their part to put those comments on a loop for all the country to see.

But how about the moment when Trump’s legal team completely dismantled the argument against him by proving Democrats are fabricating their evidence?

That lesser-seen moment included when former President Trump’s defense lawyer Michael van der Veen shared the fuller context to a strategically-edited video used by Democrats.

“Where I come from, when you get caught doctoring the evidence, your case is over. And that’s what happened. They got caught doctoring the evidence, and this case should be over,” van der Veen said.

Take a look:


As for the clip, the intention behind the conveniently clipped segment could not be more clear: make the president look as bad as possible before the senator-jurors.

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Check it out:

If Democrats are having to fabricate evidence to present their case — one which Minority Leader Mitch McConnell argued in a recent intra-party letter that the Senate lacks jurisdiction over — it brings its integrity into question.

Democratic Senators have repeatedly pointed to Trump’s rhetoric, critical of the 2020 presidential election, to suggest he incited a riot. But Democrats have used similar rhetoric in the past.