Hollywood Movie Producer Billy Ray Is Calling For ‘Political Eradication’ Of GOP Senators Who Helped Acquit Trump

Billy Ray called for “political eradication” of the Republican senators that voted to acquit former President Donald Trump.

Ray expressed that they must be voted out of office, “hounded” into retirement, or even convicted.

Ray shared his intentions to decimate the careers of the 43 GOP senators.

“Time, money, energy, will — whatever it takes,” he wrote.

Specifically named were Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, stating that they need to be “convicted.”

“My life now has a plan: the political eradication of the unAmerican GOP Sens who chose to acquit.

Time, money, energy, will – whatever it takes. They all have to be voted out of office, or hounded into retirement, or (Cruz Hawley) convicted.

But the effort begins today. You in? https://t.co/0ZA5FBA5Qq”

— Billy Ray (@BillyRay5229) February 13, 2021

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