‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Makes Nasty Comparison — Claims Trump Is Like O.J. Simpson Following Trump Impeachment Rollercoaster

Trevor Noah lambasted Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Senate Republicans after the Former President was acquitted, according to Fox News.

The Senate fell short of the 67 votes needed to convict Trump, 57-43.

“This dude just loves losing the popular vote,” mocked Noah.

“I get that it’s disappointing for a lot of people, but we should know this by now – this is what Trump does. He wiggles his way out of accountability,” Noah said.

“Trying to hold Trump accountable for his crimes is like trying to kill a fruit fly.”

“This was actually a tricky situation for Republicans because polls show that most Americans don’t like Trump and think he should have been convicted, but the GOP base still loves Trump and would turn against anyone who votes against him faster than ‘Buffy’ fans turned on Joss Whedon.”

“Sorry O.J., you had a good run but Trump got acquitted twice and he’s responsible for more deaths,” he joked.

“Yet another profile in courage from Mitch McConnell, basically what he’s saying is Trump caused the riots, he’s super guilty and Mitch just hopes that someday, someone else will do something about it.”

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More from Fox News:

Noah noted that the vote may be heartbreaking for some who were hoping to see Trump face punishment over the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol building. He explained, however, that it’s not surprising given how influential the former president still is on Republicans.

Elsewhere in his rant, Noah took a jab at Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who argued that he believes Trump incited the mob that eventually breached the security of the Capitol building on Jan. 6. However, he said that because Trump is now out of office, the Senate was left with little recourse to impeach him.



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