Ted Cruz At CPAC: ‘Donald J. Trump Ain’t Going Anywhere!’

Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s speech on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando was met with some mixed reviews as those in attendance enjoyed the passionate—and at times, fiery—reminder that Americans should fight for their freedoms.

Other moments of the speech included Cruz joking about his own trip to Cancun after a polar vortex left millions of his Texas constituents without electricity or water and mocking Democratic lawmakers Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—which were met with some negative comments online.

Regardless of how people felt about the speech, it included one important nugget: “Donald J. Trump ain’t going anywhere.”

Cruz used the bulk of his speech to rally behind the former president, who will speak later at the same venue.

“We are gathered in dark times,” Cruz said, as BizPac Review reports. “We’re gathered at a time where the hard left, where the socialists control the levers of government. Where they control the White House, where they control every executive branch, where they control both houses of Congress.”

“They look at Donald Trump and the millions of people who went to battle fighting alongside him and they’re terrified. They want him to go away. Let me tell you this right now: Donald J. Trump ain’t going anywhere,” he continued.

Cruz added: “The Republican Party is not the party of the country clubs, it’s the party of steel workers and construction workers and taxi drivers and cops and firefighters and waitresses. That is our party, these deplorables are here to stay!”

“Every one of you has a platform. Every one of you has a voice. The corporate media wants to silence these voices,” the Texas Republican said.

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Cruz also criticized his Democratic colleagues, accusing them of “political theater.”

“Let’s be clear, this is not about security at this point, this is about political theater,” he said, mentioning the fence that was erected around the U.S. Capitol building and the National Guard troops deployed to secure it. “Half the country, the deplorables, are dangerous and they are going to turn the Capitol into a military outpost in Baghdad just to have their compliant media echo that message.”

The former presidential candidate concluded his speech by quoting “Braveheart” and encouraging those in attendance and watching online to fight for freedom.

Watch his speech below: