NYC Mayor De Blasio Commits Ultimate Betrayal Against Cuomo, Says He ‘Witnessed’ Him Being ‘Abusive’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that he wants a “full investigation” into sexual harassment allegations referring to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, according to The Daily Wire.

De Blasio claims to have witnessed Cuomo’s behavior and was “sickened” by it.

“It sickened me, it sickened me.”

“The thought of a powerful man trying to take advantage of his power, intimidate a young woman and just the sense that he was treating her like — again these are allegations and we need a full investigation — but if that was what truly happened it was like he was treating her like she was his property. Just disgusting, creepy.”

“Lindsey Boylan, a candidate for Manhattan borough president who formerly worked for Cuomo and the state’s economic development agency, revealed in a blog post on Wednesday that the governor had kissed her without her consent and asked her to play strip poker.”

“Then, on Saturday, The New York Times reported that Charlotte Bennett, a former executive assistant and health policy adviser to Cuomo, was also sexually harassed by the governor, including inappropriate questions about her sex life.”

“Sexual harassment is not funny,” de Blasio said. “Who the hell tries to explain that by saying I was just joking around?”

“I’ve seen him be abusive in a way that would not be accepted by anyone in leadership,” he said.

From The Daily Wire:

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In addition to the harassment claims, Cuomo is also accused of bullying a New York Assemblyman, Ron Kim, in a phone call in February.

Kim, who has been a longtime critic of Cuomo’s nursing home policy, says the governor called him at home on his cell phone just days after news broke that a Cuomo aide had privately told Democrats that the Cuomo administration had deliberately hidden the number of nursing home deaths so as to avoid a federal investigation. Kim claims Cuomo threatened his livelihood if he did not defend the governor’s administration.

Kim has since called for Cuomo to be impeached and says he is working on shoring up bipartisan support for an impeachment trial.



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