Dem Lawmakers Clash With Police At State Capitol, Join Outraged Dems Protesting Inside Capitol Building

Democratic Georgia lawmakers went at it with Capitol Hill police officers during a protest against a Republican effort to ensure election integrity by mandating voter ID for absentee voting, according to The Daily Wire.

Democrats were told by officers that they were in violation of the law.

“All Votes Matter,” protesters shouted.

Rep. Park Cannon, a Democrat, walked in front of the officer’s megaphone.

An officer grabbed her arm.

“Step aside, ma’am,” the officer told Cannon. “Go, go. Step aside.”

“You can’t touch her!” protesters yelled at the officer.

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“The goal of me speaking today is so that black people, people across the state of Georgia, poor people, mothers and seniors can vote,” Cannon said.

From The Daily Wire:

The Democrats sat until they “received an apology,” which was not made public, according to AJC. The sit-in lasted about 90 minutes and no arrests were made.

Georgia Republicans’ House Bill 531, filed by Republican state Rep. Barry Fleming, seeks to protect elections but enforcing conformity across the state, mandating voter ID for absentee voting, set earlier deadlines for requesting absentee ballots, restrict drop boxes, and limit weekend early voting, AJC reported.