Uh Oh: Sheriff Is Reviewing Data From Tiger Woods’ SUV To Determine If Crime Committed

Tiger Woods mangled his vehicle and injured his leg when he lost control and rolled his vehicle several times in southern California, according to Fox News.

It was reported that alcohol was not involved but that an investigation was underway.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department executed a search warrant to extract data from 2021 Genesis GV80 to determine how fast the vehicle was going.

“We’re trying to determine if a crime was committed,” Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy John Schloegl. “If somebody is involved in a traffic collision, we’ve got to reconstruct the traffic collision. If there was any reckless driving if somebody was on their cell phone or something like that. If there was no crime, we close out the case, and it was a regular traffic collision.”

Authorities have already said Woods will not be charged with reckless driving.

From Fox News:

Woods, 45, suffered “multiple leg injuries” after being involved in a single-vehicle roll-over collision on the border of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes last week.

It’s the latest health setback for Woods, who has had nine previous surgeries.

The golfer is known for comebacks, though, winning the Masters in April 2019 for the fifth time despite four back surgeries and other health issues.

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He has won 15 major championships and has a record-tying 82 victories on the PGA Tour.



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