Child Star In ‘School Of Rock’ Shares Disturbing Details Of Bullying, Being Hypersexualized Like Britney Spears

Rivkah Reyes, the child actress that played bass playing cellist in “The School of Rock” spoke about the troubling downsides of fame, according to Fox News.

Reyes shared her experiences with bullying and being hypersexualized at a young age.

Reyes currently prefers to use the gender-neutral pronouns they/them.

“Especially after production wrapped, when I first came back to school, people were really nice or really mean. There was no middle ground,” they said. “I was literally followed around the school with people chanting ‘School of Rock.'”

Reyes recalled becoming a “raging addict” during her years between 14 and 24.

Reyes has now been sober for four years.

Reyes still has nothing to say but good words for Jack Black.

“It was nothing but love and support,” Reyes said. “I have never lost gratitude for that, or wish that I wasn’t part of it.”

From Fox News:

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In likening their experience to Spears, Reyes admits to previously feeling “unsafe existing” due to over-the-top fans. The former child star also claimed to have been sexualized when they were underage. They recalled reading message boards from older men online who said they couldn’t “wait ’til she’s 18.”

Reyes remembered feeling the need to land a bigger part just so their peers would “stop calling you Katie.”

Last month, the “Framing Britney Spears” documentary shone a light on the bullying Spears was subject to as a pop star growing up in the spotlight. The New York Times program also led fans of the star to speak out against Justin Timberlake and Diane Sawyer for the way they treated the pop star in the past, while it’s also contributed to those calling for Spears to be released from her conservatorship.


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