One Of Andrew Cuomo’s Accusers Just Revealed Alarming News — Says She And Other Victims Are Being Harassed, Denies ‘Laughable’ Trump Conspiracy

Lindsey Boylan spoke out against the online “hate” and “misogyny” that she and others have faced since leveling sexual harassment claims against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, according to Fox News.

“Please understand, I am ok and I will be ok,” Boylan wrote on Twitter. “But these online trolls are being seen by other survivors. Not all survivors have the privilege of a platform I do. Not all survivors have the support system I do. The hate of survivors and misogyny needs to stop.”

Boylan and the other women who have come forward to accuse the governor of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching are reportedly being cyberbullied with sexist comments. Some social media users have accused them of lying and being political opportunists.

Cuomo has been accused by six different women of sexually harassing them.

Boylan alleged that Cuomo “would go out of his way to touch me on my lower back, arms and legs.”

Charlotte Bennett said that Cuomo asked her intimate questions about her love life, said, “In coming forward I fully expected to be attacked by those who reflexively question the honesty or motivation of those who report sexual harassment. I am not deterred by these voices.”

Cuomo has spoken out against the harassment.

“My message to anyone doing that is, you have misjudged what matters to me and my administration and you should stop now – period,” he said in a statement after he heard “anecdotally that some people have reached out to Ms. Bennett to express displeasure about her coming forward.”

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“What we know is that (victim-blaming) … is incredibly silencing, not only for those individuals who have come forward to report their experiences of sexual harassment and assault, but for everyone who is listening, watching, observing how they’re being treated – and seeing the vitriol and victim-blaming comments that they are being targeted with,” Laura Palumbo of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center said.

“It’s tantamount to QAnon (conspiracies),” Cuomo accuser Ana Liss said. “Like to think that I would be contacted by Donald Trump’s people and be paid off? It’s laughable, and that’s a distraction.”

More from Fox News:

One bizarre online conspiracy, the Journal News reported, is that the women made false claims of harassment to remove Cuomo from office so former President Trump won’t have to face financial inquiries in the state. But any questionable Trump dealings in the state would be investigated by the state Attorney General’s office, not the governor.

More than 70% of accusers face some sort of retaliation, including being fired, according to a study from the National Women’s Law Center, the Journal News reported.

It should be noted, however, that many people online have been supportive of the women and their claims.

Cuomo is facing calls to resign, an independent investigation of the claims lead by New York Attorney General Letitia James and an impeachment inquiry lead by Democrats in the state legislature.

Cuomo has apologized for making the women feel “uncomfortable” but has denied any inappropriate touching.


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