‘I Will Not Resign’: Cuomo Says It Would Be ‘Reckless’ To Bow To ‘Cancel Culture’ Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is continuing to deny allegations of inappropriate touching and sexual misconduct—brought forward by at least six women—and has clarified that he will not be leaving his office.

While 55 lawmakers called for his resignation on Friday, Cuomo refused the request.

As ABC News reports, Cuomo said during a teleconference on Friday: “I will not resign.”

The governor then doubled down, adding he “did not do what has been alleged.”

“Women have the right to come forward and be heard, and I encourage that,” the Democratic governor said. “But I also want to be clear: There is still a question of the truth. I did not do what has been alleged.”

During the event, Cuomo directly addressed his critics—many of which are fellow Democrats—telling them it would be “reckless” and “irresponsible” for him to resign and that he would not bow to “cancel culture.”

“I have been in the public eye my entire life. My entire life, I have been under public scrutiny — since I was 23 years old and ran my father’s campaign. New Yorkers know me. Wait for the facts,” he said. “An opinion without facts is irresponsible.”

ABC News adds:

At least six women, including several who previously worked for the governor, have accused Cuomo of inappropriate behavior and unwanted advances.

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They are: Lindsey Boylan, 36; Charlotte Bennett, 25; Anna Ruch, 33; Karen Hinton; Ana Liss; and a sixth unknown woman whose account was published by the Albany Times-Union this week.

Cuomo said Friday he would not speculate on the motives of his accusers, but he said “a lot of people allege a lot of things for a lot of reasons.”

Cuomo also directly commented the latest allegation—a sixth woman who said Cuomo touched her inappropriately at the Executive Mansion in 2020—calling it “not true.”

“I have not had a sexual relationship that was inappropriate, period,” he added.