Cuomo No Longer Denies He Threatened To Compare Reluctant Supporter To A ‘Child Rapist’ After Audio Gets Leaked

According to Fox News, Governor Cuomo is facing another scandal involving a phone conversation where he threatened to compare the members of the Working Families Party to a “child rapist” because he was disappointed that the group supported another candidate in the primaries before supporting him in the election.

Governor Cuomo’s office initially denied that he said the comment after the New York Times published a printed version of the conversation last month.

Since the release of the audio on the New York Times podcast, the governor’s office has stated that he does not remember the conversation.

Bill Lipton is the leader of the Working Families Party, a progressive political group that initially supported Democrat and “Sex in the City” star Cynthia Nixon in the primaries instead of Cuomo.

Cuomo took offense to a comment Lipton made about supporting him after Nixon lost because Cuomo was “better than the Republicans”. Cuomo says twice during the phone call that he will compare Lipton to pedophiles if he continues to discuss differences between the principles of the Working Families Party and Cuomo’s platforms.

“If you ever say, ‘Well he’s better than a Republican’ again, then I’m gonna say, ‘You’re better than a child rapist.’ How about that?” Cuomo said to Lipton during the call, according to the audio provided by the New York Times.

Lipton responded that there are differences between Cuomo’s camp and the Working Families Party but that it does not mean he supports Republican candidates.

“Governor, I apologize, but I gotta clarify one thing. You’re free to say whatever you want, governor, but I just want to be clear. Our line is going to be that we have differences with you, but our differences with Republicans are far greater,” Lipton explained.

Unsatisfied, Cuomo responded; “I think you’re better than a child rapist.”

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Rich Azzopardi issued a statement to Fox News with the new explanation for the incident after denying it in February.

“This three-year-old conversation happened after a very contentious political campaign where things were charged on all sides,” wrote Assopardi. “He doesn’t remember it occurring, but from how it has been described he was clearly being hyperbolic to illustrate the offensive nature of the WFP’s own name calling.”

Governor Cuomo has been facing an avalanche of scandals ranging from misrepresentation of nursing home deaths to the alleged sexual assault of several women.


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