Disturbing: Teen Vogue Staffer Who Used The N-Word Repeatedly Appears Immune From Her ‘Woke’ Colleagues

Christine Davitt, a senior Teen Vogue staffer used the N-word, according to Fox News.

In 2009 Davitt used the word N***a.

In 2010 she used it again.

Teen Vogue published a story in October headlined, “Stop Using the N-Word If You’re Not Black.”

“There’s been much debate within the Black community about the N-word and just how much good our supposed “reclaiming” of it can actually do. And in moments like this, that feels like a valid point. But one thing that shouldn’t be up for dispute is who gets to use it. And if you ain’t Black, that ain’t you,” the article claimed.

From Fox News:

Davitt’s tweets in question were posted to Twitter two years before McCammond’s problematic tweets. “Outdone by Asian. #Whatsnew,” McCammond tweeted in 2011. “Now googling how to not wake up with swollen, asian eyes,” she wrote in another one. In another tweet, she referred to a “stupid Asian T.A.”

Davitt says in multiple tweets that she is of mixed Irish and Filipino descent.

Davitt on March 18 liked a tweet that argued “She [McCammond] wasn’t fired just because of her tweets—it’s so much more than that.” The tweet quoted another thread that pointed out that McCammond had never been an editor, was “way too close” to the White House and the Democratic National Committee. “Condé seemed to be trying to reign in the Marxism, anal sex tips & labor coverage” by hiring the former political reporter, the Twitter thread read.

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