Survivor Describes Chilling Final Moments Of Boulder Grocery Store Massacre, Wounded Gunman’s Words

An employee of Boulder, Colorado’s King Soopers shared her experience in the mayhem, according to Fox News.

Maggie Montoya, 25, was working at the grocery store as a pharmacy technician.

Montoya said the majority of the shots that were fired were taken within the first 10-minutes.

“Then, the store just got really quiet.”

Montoya said she took refuge in a small room with a heavy metal door.

Montoya said it took the police 20 minutes to take the shooter into custody.

She said she heard the Boulder Police Department make an announcement over a loudspeaker.

Police informed the suspect that the building was surrounded.

Montoya said Alissa responded, “I surrender, I’m naked.”

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Police identified Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa as that shooting suspect.

Montoya said she couldn’t help but notice the body of one of her beloved coworkers.

“I didn’t mean to see it — but we all loved them. She was always so nice to us, and she was my age,” she said.

“I think with where she was in the store, almost all of us saw her.”

More from Fox News:

They said the 21-year-old purchased that weapon that he used in the shooting six days before the attack. He was booked into the county jail early Tuesday on murder charges after a brief stop at the hospital. Alissa had been struck by a bullet that passed through his leg, the affidavit said.

Supermarket employees told investigators that Alissa shot a man multiple times outside the Boulder grocery store before going inside, according to the affidavit. Another person was found shot in a vehicle next to a car registered to the suspect’s brother.



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