‘A Shark Tried To Eat Me At The Ocean’: 9-Year-Old Child Reacts To Florida Shark Attack While In Intensive Care

A family from Minnesota took a classic family vacation to the Sunshine State, according to Fox News.

“A shark tried to eat me at the ocean,” said young Jay Weiskopf.

“A wave came and we kind of just body surfed, and when he stood up, he just said, ‘Ow,’ and there was just a chunk missing from his shoulder.”

“Obviously, it’s a traumatic, terrible event, but we just thank God it’s over with,” said Ren Weiskopf.

More from Fox News:

The mom rescued the boy from the surf and Miami Beach Fire Rescue met the family on the sand.

Florida is a haven for shark attacks, but not just in this country. The Sunshine State ranks as the number one site for shark attacks in the world, according to a Florida Museum file.

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Almost all attacks are non-fatal year to year.

Kristine said she’s grateful her son is so tough and she’s happy that he is okay.

The mom now wants to keep her boy close; she has slept next to him since the assault and she constantly wants to hug him.


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