Rose McGowan Ruins VP Harris With 4 Words Over Joining Bill Clinton At Women Empowerment Event: ‘Have You No Soul?’

Rose McGowan condemned Harris for her association with Bill Clinton, noting that he was been accused of exual misconduct by multiple women and his rumored ties to late convicted felon Jeffrey Epstein, according to Fox News.

“This is obscene @KamalaHarris. You speaking with Bill Clinton about empowering women & girls is disgusting. Have you no soul? Have you no ethics?”

Ask him about being on an island of human trafficking victims 27 times. You are showing us exactly who you are,” McGowan wrote.

“I completely stand by Lindsey Boylan. Its truth leaks from every word on the screen that she wrote,” McGowan said.

“She, none of us, should endure what she endured. If they’re doing it to her, what are they doing to constituents? What is he going to do to what he considers the little people? It’s monstrous.”

“The fact that [Cuomo] was still doing it after the Weinstein allegations and during the #MeToo movement is egregious and disgusting,” McGowan furthered.

“It just shows the level of sociopathy that those at the highest levels of power have.”

“It’s a shame because that land is worth fighting for,” McGowan told us, confirming that she’s become a permanent resident of Mexico.

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Besides Harris, the Clinton Foundation’s four-day long event will include speakers Mayor Muriel Bowser, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her daughter Chelsea and Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams.

The Howard University-hosted talk raised questions about past accusations against Clinton, as well as Harris’ previous advocacy surrounding #MeToo and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. One of those women, Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Clinton of rape, balked at the scheduled event.

The former president has denied multiple allegations, including Broaddrick’s, but famously admitted to engaging in sexual activity with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.


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