Video Of Confused Biden Emerges, Quickly Sparks Concern: ‘Who Am I Turning This Over To?’

Joe Biden raised attention when he asked his chief of staff who was up next to speak, according to The BizPac Review.

It was like Biden didn’t know the briefing was finished.

In addition to seeming to be totally aloof, another thing that caught people’s attention was Joe Biden’s vacant facial expression.

Biden announced that he had appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to oversee the southern border crisis.

Harris thanked the president for his “confidence” in her.

“Well, thank you for being willing to do it. Now, we’re going to get down to business here,” said Biden as if there was more planned for the briefing.

“Ron, who am I turning this over to?”

“Well, uh, thank you very much, Mr. President. I think it’s time for our friends in the press to leave, though,” Klain replied.

Biden stared out at the press with a “vacant look.”

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“President Joe Biden is set to hold his first solo press conference from the White House on Thursday, his 64th day since taking office. … All eyes will be on the president as he has the opportunity to strike a different tone with reporters than his predecessor, Donald Trump, who frequently sparred with the media and deemed them ‘the enemy of the people,’” USA Today reported.

More from BizPac Review:

The paper neglected to mention that the media had treated Trump like trash, whereas they have for the most part treated Biden with kid gloves.

For instance, when then-President Trump walked down a ramp rather slowly — but without stumbling or falling — last summer, the entire media pounced.

Yet when Biden fell and stumbled three times in a row while boarding Air Force One last week, the media shrugged in veritable indifference.

And so because of this disjointed coverage, the media is not expected to address Biden’s odd behavior during Wednesday’s briefing.

And if he screws up once, twice or thrice during Thursday’s scheduled solo presser, expect those fumbles to also be covered up.


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