Kamala Harris Is Reportedly Furious Because She Is Still Living Out Of Suitcases After Two Months In Office

Kamala Harris was sworn in as vice president of the United States two months ago, according to CNN.

Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff are still living out of suitcases and are unable to move into the private residence reserved for the vice president because it’s still undergoing renovations.

An administration official said that it’s unclear why the renovations are taking so long.

“She is getting frustrated,” said another administration official.

Harris is staying at the President’s official guest quarters, the Blair House.

“The White House is the office and home to the President so there is that feeling of living above the ‘shop’ at the White House.”

“For the vice president and his or her family, the Vice President’s Residence — or VPR — is calm in the midst of a stormy Washington, both politically and logistically. At the end of the day, the vice president can travel a short distance northwest and find respite in a country-like setting.”

From CNN:

Should she wish to add her personal signature to the residence or its grounds — such as Quayle did with the pool or George H.W. Bush did with an outdoor horseshoe pit or the Bidens did with a garden where the names of all the home’s occupants, pets included, are engraved — updates and tweaks can circumvent the elaborate process of approvals that any changes at the White House must go through.

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However, as with the White House, a separate foundation has been established to cover most updates with privately provided funds. Also like the White House, the vice president has at her disposal roomfuls of historic furnishings and decorative arts from which to choose from as part of a private collection reserved for the President and vice president to make their temporary homes feel homey and to their personal tastes. Karen Pence once said she left the residence rooms set up in much the same way as the Biden’s had it before them, since the Pences liked the layout and saw no reason to upend it.

“It is a home with a lot of history and character, but over the years the Navy has kept it well-maintained and upgraded it,” Haenle said. “During my time with the Cheney’s, we logged the inventory of the house and restored furnishings and art going back to the Rockefellers and Mondale’s.”



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