Member Of Trump Family Announces They’re Joining Fox News

Fox announced that Lara Trump is joining Fox News as a contributor, according to The Western Journal.

“Let’s bring in Lara Trump, former senior adviser for the Trump campaign, and we have a big announcement — she is a new Fox News contributor

“Welcome to the family, Lara,” Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt said on Monday.

“Well, I’m so excited, first of all, to be joining the Fox family. I sort of feel like I’ve been an unofficial member of the team for so long,” Trump said.

“You guys know it was kind of a joke over the past five years, I would come there so often that the security guards were like, ‘Maybe we should just give you a key,’” she said.

“I’m so excited, I’m so honored, and really looking forward to what’s to come.”

Lara Trump addressed the rumors that she might run for the U.S. Senate seat in North Carolina.

“Fox has been very generous with me, and they have said, look, if that’s something that you ultimately decide to do, they are going to work with me on that front and make sure that everything, all the rules are followed, and we do everything properly,” she said.

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“So, thank you to the Fox team for allowing me to have, you know, the possibility that that’s in the future.”

“So I still haven’t officially … made a decision, but hopefully sometime soon,” she said.

Donald Trump gave his daughter-in-law’s potential Senate candidacy a serious display of support.

Lara Trump said she was “strongly considering” a 2022 run.

“I would love to represent the people of my home state in North Carolina, but it is as you know a very big decision.”

“It means a lot of changes for our family,” she said then.

“We’re sort of working things out and I hope to have some to announce very soon,” she said.

“Sadly the Democrats are trying to do everything possible to keep good people from running for office,” she said.

“Their goal is to harass people to a point that they say, ‘Well gosh, it’s just not worth it.’ Well I would never do something they try to dissuade me from doing it.”

“And I think that that should be the goal for us as Republicans, we have to fight back against. We have to fight back against the cancel culture and the nonsense.”

From The Western Journal:

She said the toll on her family is a factor in her decision.


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