Media Gets First Look Inside Severely Overcrowded Child Migrant Facility In Texas

Reported were granted access into the packed migrant facility in Texas and found thousands of migrants are housed as the Biden administration scrambles to deal with the crisis, according to Fox News.

Officials have warned that we could see a million migrants at the southern border this year.

Currently, there are 4,100 migrants in the facility, 3,400 of whom are unaccompanied minors.

There are 8 pods in a total of what critics have called “cages.”

Each maxed-out pod contains around 500-600 migrants.

According to guidelines, there should only be 32 migrants in each pod.

Children sleep on three-inch gym mats and lie under metallic foil blankets. Children are given masks, however, many do not wear them.

Ted Cruz said that around 10 percent test positive for the coronavirus.

Officials say it should cost $6 million to run the facility each month but in reality it actually costs $16 million.

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“This is inhumane, it is wrong and it is the direct consequence of policy decisions by the Biden administration to stop building the wall, to return to catch-and-release, and to end the stay-in-Mexico policy,” Cruz said.

“He, in fact, shut down the number of beds available,” Biden said at a press conference last week referring to the Trump administration.

“He did not fund HHS to get people to get the children out of those Border Patrol facilities, where they should not be and not supposed to be more than a few days. But he dismantled all of that.”

More from Fox News:

The Biden administration has come under heavy criticism for the surge in numbers — which it has refused to call a crisis — and the conditions at the facilities. Critics have linked the overwhelming numbers to Biden moves to reverse Trump-era policies like the Migrant Protection Protocols, which kept migrants in Mexico for their claims.

Biden’s administration has conceded it faces a “challenge” at the border but has blamed the Trump administration’s ending of pathways for asylum.

He also pledged more transparency for reporters “as soon as I am in a position to be able to implement what we are doing right now,”


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