Cuomo Trashed NYC Mayor As ‘One Of The Worst In Modern History’ With ‘Obvious Ego-Driven Narcissism’ In Early Draft Of Book: Report

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New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo was well paid for his memoir describing his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Fox News.

The New York Times reported that “people with knowledge of the book’s bidding process,” Cuomo landed a deal worth more than $4 million for “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

The Times reported that Cuomo’s work on the memoir was tied to DeRosa’s alleged intervention with New York’s Health Department.

Richard Azzopardi denied any link between the two and stated that “There is no connection between the report and this outside project, period. And any suggestion otherwise is just wrong.”

Stephanie Benton requested that portions of the drafted book be delivered to the Executive Mansion.

Azzopardi shared that DeRosa and Benton “volunteered on this project” and that their conduct was “permissible and consistent with ethical requirements” in the state New York.

The Times obtained an unpublished draft of the “American Crisis” and criticized that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is a “political opportunist who had ‘very little interest or aptitude for government policy or governmental operations,’ and boasted how Cuomo’s “popular rating in New York City has always been higher.”

The Times called de Blasio “one of the worst mayors in modern history” with “obvious ego-driven narcissism.”

A spokesperson for Bill de Blasio stated that “Andrew Cuomo writing about ego-driven narcissism sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.”

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The spokesperson then added that “It’s more of the same from a bully facing impeachment after covering up deaths at nursing homes and numerous credible accusations of sexual assault.”

“I have experience and a skill set that qualifies me as a good governor,” Cuomo wrote the “American Crisis” draft.

“I have accomplished by any objective standard more than any governor in modern history. But I am not a superhero.”

From Fox News:

Cuomo insisted in the draft that de Blasio’s “standing” is “somewhere between negative and irrelevant” and described the mayor as “annoying and counterproductive,” while then-President Donald Trump was a “serious threat.”

Meanwhile, the governor spoke highly of himself.