Disgraced CNN Anchor Don Lemon Stuns Critics By Defending Joe Biden’s Widely Condemned False Comments

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CNN’s Don Lemon was called “incredibly dishonest and openly partisan” after claiming that Joe Biden simply misspoke regarding the new Georgia voting law, according to Fox News.

Reportedly, even the liberal Washington Post has accused him of lying.

Allegedly Biden made false claims when stating that Georgia’s new law “ends voting hours early.”

“Get this, Republicans have a new talking point, trying to turn Trump’s big lie onto Joe Biden, saying Joe Biden is lying about what’s in Georgia’s new voting law that restricts ballot access,” Lemon said.

“WTF is this? Biden was just ‘misspeaking’ and not lying? This Don Lemon chyron is so incredibly dishonest and openly partisan, showing no regard for the facts about Georgia’s voting law,” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck said.

CNN’s lower third chyrons commented, “Angry Trump uses propaganda video, produced by government employees at taxpayers’ expense.”

Other Trump-era CNN chyrons included, “Comics take Trump to task over hate-filled attacks,” “Trump vindictive at impeachment acquittal ‘celebration,’” “Trump goes on rambling tweet binge while running country” and “Trump’s power grab levels assault on American justice.”

“This is misleading for two reasons,” Daniel Dale wrote.

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“First, the new law does not change Georgia’s Election Day voting hours, which still end at 7 p.m. Second, while the law does set a default end time of 5 p.m. for early voting on weekdays and on Saturdays, counties were already allowed to end early voting at 5 p.m. under the previous law. The new law gives counties the option to offer early voting as late as 7 p.m. if they want to.”

More from Fox News:

Lemon’s excuses for Biden came days after CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale admitted Biden wasn’t truthful about the Georgia law.

In the eyes of Lemon, it seems both the Washington Post and his colleague, Dale, spout GOP talking points.